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What We Do
What We Do

Global Go Team is dedicated to helping those in need by providing the resources technology and skilled labor force to effect a change.  Our staff is comprised of people all over the world who work together in targeting a region in need.   When the need is found a team visits to survey the region, work with local contacts and inventory available supplies in the area.  After the logistical study, a team of volunteer professionals is assembled (a go team) that is specific to the need.  Engineers, surveyors, construction specialists, teachers, medical officers, conservation managers; whoever best meets the need at hand.

The Global Go Team team helps build schools, orphanages, water filtration systems, water towers, whatever is needed to fulfill the mission.  Our primary mission is to save lives and when the opportunity comes available to share our faith in Jesus Christ.  This can only happen once the need has been met.  The heart of our mission is partly captured in the words of Teddy Roosevelt “People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  The team serves to train, aid and develop impoverished countries while bringing a message of hope to its people.  It is God who leads us to regard not only the golden rule but the chance to give our life if necessary for others.   



The Global Go Team is cosponsoring a bible college in Lebanon to train new Muslim converts.  Before the civil war in Lebanon the Christian population was 52% in 1960.   Today that number has dropped to 32%.  Lebanon’s government divides the nation’s rule between Christians and Muslims.  Its land is even zoned for either religion. A great deal of openness exists in Lebanon.  A tolerance has grown that has come at a great price.  Yet the country continues to shift towards radical Muslim schools of thought.  There is a timely need for Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant churches to work together to encourage those Christians remaining and to take a proactive role in protecting the heritage of Lebanon by remembering the great commission of Jesus Christ and sharing their faith with others.  A biblical studies institution is desperately needed, and especially an institution that is geared towards those who have recently been converted from Islam.

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United States

Springfield is the headquarters of the Global Go Team, and the center for U.S. based operations. In the United States the team focuses on helping provide emergency food supplies to needy families, as well as helping schools in need get the supplies they require. The goal of the team in disaster relief is to provide quick and effective service to regions hit hard by natural disaster.

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