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Global Go Team | Haiti

Shephard’s House Orphanage

Haiti 2011 - February 5-12th

This trip will focus on but will not be limited to these six areas; pouring a 1080 square foot slab for the administration building, establishing support pillars for a second floor, working on the septic system, renting a backhoe and grading the outer road leading up to the orphanage and the inner road on the property, setting up an on campus and a mobile water filtration system, and digging a well on property.   We are seeking partners to help cover some of the buidling costs or to join with us in helping build the orphanage. Approximate material and rental cost for the trip will be $12000(US).  This figure does not include the $3500 needed for the water filtration systems and a 6500 watt generator that we are working to have donated that will be shipped ahead of the team.  Our original plans to send a container over have been stalled by problems with customs.  Many major charities sent containers with emergency and building supplies at the time of the earthquake and they have only now been released into the country. 

Haiti 2010-A sucessful mission

Global Go team through the support and planning of World Outreach Center provided builders to help with the construction of the orphanage.  Our team left August 9th to join with WOC and began laying brick for the administration building.  The digging and block work was also completed to house the septic tank.  The trip came at a critical time.  Less than 10 percent of promised funding from the countries and agencies that pledged support has come in to the country.  This is an important time for the United States to show its support to its impoverished neighbor.  One of the easiest ways to get involved is through this charity or through church groups such as World Outreach Center.  They can be reached at (205)625-5160 or log on to www.worldoutreachcenter.org  Also check out www.shepherdshouseministry.org to see more information on the orphanage.   

 $2.5 million is needed to complete the orphanage.  The impact on the community will be immense as educational and food services will be available for the whole community as well as the orphans housed on site. 



Project Summary

Shephards House Ministries was founded by Aaron Nelson.
 The Lord gave Aaron a big vision of Shepherd’s House; provide the basic necessities of a home, food, clothing, and love of our Shepherd Jesus and that of loving caregivers to as many children as possible. The specifics include; accommodating 100 girls and 100 boys, an on site school which can also serve the local community, administration offices, a guest house for teams and donors, an apartment for Aaron, and a safe place to play. With the vision the Lord provided land, just a little less than 1 hectare or 2.24 acres.

Phase I:

Girls Dormitory - This dormitory will provide a home for a about 100 less fortunate girls. It will consist of 10 rooms, housing a maximum of 10 girls in each room.

Phase II: Boys Dormitory - This dormitory will provide a home for a about 100 less fortunate boys. It will consist of 10 rooms, housing a maximum of 10 boys in each room.

Phase II:

Boys Dormitory - This dormitory will provide a home for a about 100 less fortunate boys. It will consist of 10 rooms, housing a maximum of 10 boys in each room.

Phase III:

Staff/Guest Housing - This building will be a place for our staff, missionaries, and guests to stay. It will consist of ten family suites, an office, a library, a common kitchen and dining room, a common family room, and bathrooms.

Phase IV:

Cafeteria/Auditorium - This building will seat about 500 people. It will be open to the public for special events such as concerts, competitions, and other programs that will enable the youth to develop their skills. In addition, it will be used to hold Church and Chapel services.

Phase V: K-12 School

This will be a non-discriminatory school for about 400 students. The maximum capacity per classroom will be about 30 students. There will also be an outside playground for physical activities.



The Global Go Team is cosponsoring a bible college in Lebanon to train new Muslim converts.  Before the civil war in Lebanon the Christian population was 52% in 1960.   Today that number has dropped to 32%.  Lebanon’s government divides the nation’s rule between Christians and Muslims.  Its land is even zoned for either religion. A great deal of openness exists in Lebanon.  A tolerance has grown that has come at a great price.  Yet the country continues to shift towards radical Muslim schools of thought.  There is a timely need for Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant churches to work together to encourage those Christians remaining and to take a proactive role in protecting the heritage of Lebanon by remembering the great commission of Jesus Christ and sharing their faith with others.  A biblical studies institution is desperately needed, and especially an institution that is geared towards those who have recently been converted from Islam.

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United States

Springfield is the headquarters of the Global Go Team, and the center for U.S. based operations. In the United States the team focuses on helping provide emergency food supplies to needy families, as well as helping schools in need get the supplies they require. The goal of the team in disaster relief is to provide quick and effective service to regions hit hard by natural disaster.

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