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Bringing Strategic Solutions and BUILDING LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS

Focusing on hospitals/clinics, orphanages, schools, conservation projects and specialized assignments in some of the world’s most extreme environments, our aim is to serve the people’s needs in whatever area we are in.


Global Go Team is dedicated to helping those in need by providing the resources, technology and skilled labor force to effect a change. Our team is comprised of people all over the world who work together in targeting a region in need. When the need is found a team visits the area, works with local contacts, and inventories available supplies in the area. After the logistical study, a team of volunteer professionals are assembled (a “go team”) specific to the need. Engineers, surveyors, construction specialists, teachers, medical officers, conservation managers; whoever best meets the criteria.


Global Go Team helps build clinics, schools, orphanages, water filtration systems, water towers, or whatever is needed to fulfill the mission.  The heart of our mission is partly captured in the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  The team serves to train, aid and develop impoverished countries while bringing hope to its people.

Our Global Footprint

Global Go Team focuses on giving developing nations the tools necessary to succeed through training, physical development and humanitarian aid. Utilizing volunteer professionals from a myriad of backgrounds

Multiple trips have taken us into the remote tributaries of the Essequibo river in the upper reaches of the Amazon rainforest.  Our mission is to install as many water towers as we can in Amerindian communities where the cycling three month dry season often leads the villagers back to the river, a water source teeming with bacteria and difficult to make safe for drinking. 

Over the years we have worked with Miracle Mission Vimba, an organization dedicated to the health and well being of Zimbabweans.  Medical supplies donated through Cox Hospital in Springfield have supplemented clinics in the country and our partnership with Sun Solar and GSX  has allowed us to install solar panels at a clinic in Kambazuma.  Our goal is to equip 67 rural clinics with life saving power and medical supplies.

We have been focusing primarily on remote Islands off the eastern coast of Africa.  These clinics often have very little medical supplies.  Over the years we have brought in life saving medical supplies as well as host medical training and a field clinic.  One of the most touching stories is that one of these island clinics  had been using the same 5 needles for three years for their diabetic patients.  We were able to bring in hundreds of needles.

Through our partner Protez foundation, we are sending tourniquets, IV starters and other frontline combat supplies to surgeons.  These items are desperately needed as the number of wounded in Ukraine reaches unprecedented figures.  A supply of robotic prosthetics is desperately needed as many of the surgical procedures result in amputation.

Recognizing the urgent need for medical resources in Haiti’s remote mountain clinics, Global Go Team has partnered with Greg Stephenson to deliver a lifeline of support. This collaboration involves supplies donated from Cox Hospital in Springfield, MO. Greg Stephenson’s involvement, with his connections in Haiti and knowledge of the country have been crucial in both selecting the most critical supplies and ensuring they get into the right hands within Haiti’s mountain communities.

In Zambia our team is partnering with a benevolence project for a company based in Zambia.  We have visited the region and met the team wanting to build an agri-orphanage.  This will be one of the first of its kind.  Similar to an agri-hood, the orphanage would teach agricultural skills and work to be self-sustaining through its enterprises. Its primary purpose is to provide a safe place for orphans from Zambia and the surrounding countries. 


There are many ways to join Global Go Team’s mission of making a difference! Whether you’re passionate about volunteering your time and skills, or prefer to provide crucial support from afar, Global Go Team welcomes your participation. For those with a spirit of adventure, volunteer opportunities exist alongside their teams on the ground. Alternatively, you can make a significant impact by donating essential supplies or contributing financially. Every donation, big or small, fuels their ability to deliver critical aid and empower communities.

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